How it works

Pave Credit makes borrowing easy and fast when you need it most.No more applying for multiple loans.If you’ re approved for a Pave Credit line of credit, you can draw money from the available credit shown in your Pave account and transfer it to your bank account.Here’ s how it works.


To qualify for a Pave Credit line of credit you will need:


A verifiable source of income that is direct deposited into your checking account


An open checking account that meets our minimum - opened duration requirement


Proof that you’ re at least 18 years old

If approved, your available credit limit will be reflected in your Pave Credit customer dashboard.After your draw has been approved, you should receive your funds within 2 business days.

Initiate a draw

To initiate a draw, send a request for the amount that you need, and once it’ s approved, we’ ll deliver your funds via direct deposit to your bank account.As long as your account is in good standing, you can make as many draws as you need up to the total amount of your credit limit.Each time you repay a draw, the amount available for future draws increases up to your credit limit.

Making Payments

At Pave Credit, we make your payment process quick and simple.Once you’ ve received your draw, you’ ll have a minimum payment due at the end of each billing cycle as shown within the Pave Credit Statement you will receive.You’ ll only pay interest on the outstanding balance.

We align your payments to your pay frequency(weekly, bi - weekly, semi - monthly or monthly).Keep in mind, the faster you pay off what you owe, the quicker your available line of credit refreshes.You can always pay more than your minimum payment, and you won’ t be penalized for making payments early.

Payment options

Acceptable payment methods are ACH, RCC and debit card, as well as PayPal, personal checks, cashier’ s checks and money orders.
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ACH & RCC payments

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Personal & cashier 's checks

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Debit Card payment
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PayPal Payments

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Money order

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If at any time you’ e unable to make your minimum payment, call us immediately at (855) 801 - PAVE so, together, we can work out a solution.We’ ll be happy to work with you to accommodate your needs.